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Poor value discovery as obstacle to capital flows into complex carbon markets

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Complex Assets

The carbon credits transacted in the carbon markets are among the most complex financial instruments in the world. They are segmented based on various individual characteristics of the underlying carbon projects. This complexity means it is hard for market participants to appreciate the value of these assets.

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Opaque Markets

Carbon markets are inherently opaque due to the over-the-counter (OTC) nature of transactions, which are based on bilateral agreements among market participants.

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Intrinsic Value of SDGs

The contributions of a project to the United Nation’s (UN’s) Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) implicitly boosts the intrinsic value of a project’s carbon credits. However, an explicit assessment of this premium is needed toward informing market transactions and deployment of capital into projects.



Creating value discovery through technology

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AI Powering the Solution

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a highly effective technology for dealing with data in highly complex problems. Our AI models offer transparent valuation for the most comprehensive range of carbon credits, providing valuation for even the most opaque carbon credits from both small and large carbon projects.

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How It Works

Viridios AI models are trained on unique and comprehensive datasets of over-the-counter (OTC) market transactions against benchmarks such as energy markets, compliance carbon markets, systemic economic factors, etc. The models “learn” all inherent complexities and variations of carbon projects, including their respective contributions to SDGs.

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Who This Is For

VAI has proven indispensable for all participants in climate and sustainability markets:

  • Project developers and marketers need an appreciation of the best value that can be fetched for their assets.
  • Financiers and sell side financial institutions must mark-to-market and risk manage their own book of carbon credits.
  • Buy side institutional and wealth management investors require regular net present valuation of their carbon assets.
  • Corporates need to quantify their efforts toward ESG contributions, as well as acquire carbon credits in the market.

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